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Thursday, December 27, 2007

...That's Right

Let me put some of my work out there again, feedback is welcome...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


A1A Birth Certificate Ain't Nothing But A Death Warrant Anyway
A2So Many Bars
A3Save The Watergate 500
B1Come On Write Me
B2Eyes On The Rabbit
B3My Love Belongs To You

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (3:03)
2. Sex Education - Ghetto Style (0:48)
3. The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues (4:49)
4. No Knock (1:27)
5. Lady Day And John Coltrane (3:32)
6. Pieces Of A Man (4:49)
7. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (3:18)
8. Brother (1:42)
9. Save The Children (4:22)
10. Whitey On The Moon (1:26)
11. Did You Hear What They Said? (3:25)
Bonus Tracks:
12. When You Are Who You Are (3:01)
13. I Think I'll Call It Morning (3:45)
14. A Sign Of The Ages (4:05)
15. Or Down You Fall (3:08)
16. The Needle's Eye (4:01)
17. The Prisoner (8:39)

Willie Tee...

01 - Teasin' You
02 - Walking Up A One Way Street
03 - Dedicated To You
04 - Thank You, John
05 - I Want Somebody
06 - You Better Say Yes
07 - Please Don't Go
08 - My Heart Remembers
09 - I Heard Everything You Said
10 - Ain't That True, Baby
11 - You Gonna Pay Some Dues
12 - Foolish Girl
13 - I Peeped Your Hole Card
14 - She Really Did Surprise Me
15 - Man That I Am
16 - Teasing You Again
17 - Your Love And My Love Together
18 - I'm Having So Much Fun
19 - Swivel Your Hips
20 - Close Your Eyes
pt1 pt2


1. That's Why I Love You - Professionals
2. Savin' My Lovin' For You - People's Choice
3. Heart Trouble - Parliaments
4. Love Is The Only Solution - Starr, Martha
5. Hey Girl You've Changed - Vondells
6. Can't We Talk It Over - Allen, L.
7. Tough Girl - Arnell, Billy
8. Sleepless Nights - Paris
9. Try My Love - Dodds, Troy
10. Sweet And Lovely - Del-Tours
11. Somebody New - Moore, Danny
12. Make A Change - Rogers, Johnny
13. Silent Treatment - Deamain, Arin
14. I'm Still Yours - Summers, Johnny
15. Where Can My Baby Be - Martells
16. Ain't Gonna Cry No More - Charles, David
17. Don't Forget To Remember - Greater Experience
18. I Lost You - Hollidays
19. I Must Love You - Davis, Melvin
20. You're Welcome - Jackson, June
21. Your Love Is Getting Stronger - Four Voices
22. Somethin's Bad - Nomads
23. Will You Ever Learn - Soul Set
24. Sweet Things - Kennedy, Billy
25. Bari Track - Burdick, Doni
26. Try A Little Harder - Fi Dels
27. Where I'm Not Wanted - Holman, Eddie
28. My Kind Of Woman - Starr, Edwin
29. Shy Guy - Mac, Bobby
30. Quicksand - Osbourne, Kell
31. Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn't Do - Van Dyke, Connie
32. Lookin' For A Woman - Brooks Brothers
33. Those Lonely Nights - Soul Communications
34. I Gotta Good Thing Going - Executive Four
35. Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm - New Wanderers
36. Double Cookin' - Checkerboard Squares
37. Strand - Little Stanley
38. Try It Baby - Tokays
39. He Stole The Love That Was Mine - Mancha, Steve
40. I'll Be On My Way - Bob & Fred

Various - RCA

1. The Cavaliers - Ooh It Hurts Me
2. The Metros - Push A Little Harder
3. Willie Kendrick - Change Your Ways
4. Lorraine Chandler - What Can I Do
5. Sharon Scott - (Putting My Heart Under) Lock And Key
6. Carolyn Cooke - Take Me Away
7. Kenny Carter - What's That On Your Finger
8. H B Barnum - It Hurts Too Much To Cry
9. Dean Courtney - Today Is My Day
10. The Barons - Since You're Gone
11. The Dynamics - Love Sick
12. Willie Kendrick - She'll Be Leaving You
13. Sharon Scott - It's Better
14. Lorraine Chandler - Mend The Torn Pieces Of My Heart
15. The Bobbettes - Having Fun
16. Tony Mason - Don't You Know A True Love (When You Find One)
17. Roy Hamilton - Crackin' Up Over You
18. The Insiders - I'm Just A Man
19. Johnny Nash - I'm Leaving
20. Roy Hamilton - Let The Music Play
21. Faye Crawford - What Have I Done Wrong
22. Nancy Wilcox - Coming On Strong
23. Percy Wiggins - It Didn't Take Much (For Me To Fall In Love)
24. The Metros - I'll Never Forget You

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


5CD The Soul Party Pack
BETTY EVERETT Please Love Me -
CHARLES BROWN Big Legged Woman -
DON COVEY Ponytime -
EDDIE FLOYD Knock On Wood -
JAMES BROWN I Feel Good (Live) -
LLOYD PRICE Just Because -
MARVIN & JOHNNY Ain't That Right -
PERCY SLEDGE Warm And Tender Love -
SLY & THE FAMILY STONE I Can't Turn You Loose -
THE DRIFTERS Some Kind Of Wonderful -
THE INTRUDERS Turn Back The Hands Of Time -
BETTY EVERETT With You I Stand -
EDDIE FLOYD Set My Soul On Fire -
ESTHER PHILLIPS I'd Fight The World -
ETTA JAMES Good Rockin' Daddy -
PERCY SLEDGE When A Man Loves A Woman -
SAM & DAVE Hold On I'm Coming -
SLY & THE FAMILY STONE I Ain't Got Nobody -
THE FALCONS Lonely Nights -
THE FOUNDATIONS Build Me Up Buttercup -
THE PLATTERS Unchained Melody -
THE SPANIELS I'm Going To Make You Mine -
BROOK BENTON Endlessly -
CLARENCE CARTER You Don't Have To Say You Love Me -
EDDIE FLOYD When You're In Love -
JERRY BUTLER Aware Of Love -
JESSE GREEN Nice And Slow -
MAXINE BROWN Now That You've Gone -
PERCY SLEDGE Take Time To Know Her -
RAY CHARLES Alone In The City -
SAM & DAVE Soul Sister, Brown Sugar -
THE TEEN QUEENS Rock Everybody -
BROOK BENTON Love Is Best Of All -
CHUCK JACKSON Come On And Love Me -
EDDIE FLOYD Bye Bye Baby -
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS Every Beat Of My Heart -
JERRY BUTLER He Will Break Your Heart -
LLOYD PRICE Stagger Lee -
RAY CHARLES Goin' Down Slow -
SAM & DAVE When Something Is Wrong With My Baby -
THE COASTERS Rockin' My Soul -
THE JACKS Hey Little Sister -
AARON NEVILLE Tell It Like It Is -
DAVE "BABY" CORTEZ Soulville Express -
ISLEY BROTHERS Don't Be Jealous -
JOHNNY OTIS Please Don't Leave Me -
LITTLE RICHARD I Don't Know What You Got -
MARY WELLS The One Who Really Loves You -
RAY CHARLES This Love Of Mine -
THE CADETS Stranded In The Jungle -
THE FALCONS You Must Know I Love You -

James Carr 1967

1. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
2. Love Attack
3. Coming Back To Me Baby
4. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore
5. That's What I Want To Know
6. These Ain't Raindrops
7. Dark End Of The Street
8. I'm Going For Myself
9. Lovable Girl
10. Forgetting You
11. She's Better Than You
12. You've Got My Mind Messed Up
13. These Arms Of Mine
14. You Don't Want Me
15. There Goes My Used To Be
16. Lucky Loser, A
17. Dixie Belle
18. Search Your Heart
19. Sock It To Me Baby!
20. My Adorable One
21. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
22. Life Turned Her That Way
23. Losing Game, A
24. What Can I Call My Own

Timmy Thomas

Why Can't We Live Together
01. Why Can't We Live Together (mono)
02. Funky Me (mono)
03. I've Got To See You Tonight
04. You're The Song I've Always Wanted To Sing
05. People Are Changin' (mono)
06. One Brief Moment
07. What Can I Tell Her (Album Version)
08. Sweet Brown Sugar (with Betty Wright)
09. Let Me Be Your Eyes
10. Ebony Affair ( Duet with Betty Wright)
11. Dizzy Dizzy World (mono)
12. Love Shine
13. Stone To The Bone
14. Freak In, Freak Out
15. Take Care Off Home (mono)
16. Fox With The Box
17. Touch To Touch
18. Drown In My Own Tears (Live In Africa)
19. Are You Crazy Pt 1
20. Why Can't We Live Together (lasting peace remix)

Monday, December 24, 2007


1 Come Away (3:15)
2 Dance (4:32)
3 Parking Lot Blues (2:53)
4 You Make No Sense (2:20)
5 Christelle (1:54)
6 About You (2:05)
7 It's Alright (2:38)
8 Moody (Spaced Out) (4:18)
9 Tiny Sticks (3:02)
10 The Beat (2:17)
11 My Love For You (2:54)


Various Artists - (Unknown - White Label Vinyl)
1. Across The Track
2. Tutti Frutti
3. Keep On Bumpin Before You Give Out Of Gas
4. Mashed Potato Popcorn
5. I Don't Want Nobody's Troubles
6. Honky Tonk
7. If You Got A Love You Better (Hold On To It)
8. Tighten Up
9. There Was A Time
10. With Your Sweet Lovin Self
11. From The Backside
12. Watermelon Man
13. From The Love Side
14. If I Had A Man Like You
15. The Grunt
16. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You
(ripped from vinyl (white label) no cover , no artists listing)

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Pop-A-Groove - Pop A Groove -- 70s Rare Soul & Funk Collide On The Dancefloor
Goldmine / Soul Supply
1 Diane Jenkins I need You
2 Pop-a-Groove Dance Your ASs Off
3 C. Henry Woods Troupe The Stranger
4 Milton Hamilton Crystalized My Love Supreme
5 Jive Cootie Future Shock
6 The Tird World Connection Hot Seat
7 VIP Connection West Coast Drive
8 Pure Soul Band Headin West
9 Family of Swede Everybody Must Pay
10 East Coast The Rock
11 Sidney Owens and North, South Funkie Shortin Bread
12 Brooklyn People Peace and Love
13 Spaceark Welcome to my Door
14 Otis Jackson Messenger to the Ghetto

David Oliver 1980

01 Love TKO
02 She's A Lady
03 Easier Being Friends
04 My Lady
05 Behind Closed Doors
06 It Was Fun While It Lasted
07 Youve Got My Love With You
(Lynns Song)
08 The Maquerade Is Over
ENJOY! (new link)


1. Talkin' Bout A Revolution
2. Fast Car
3. Across The Lines
4. Behind The Wall
5. Baby Can I Hold You
6. Mountains O' Things
7. She's Got Her Ticket
8. Why?
9. For My Lover
10. If Not Now...
11. For You

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some of you may know him as "Blowfly"

1. Living Together
2. Ny City
3. Good Enough For Daddy
4. Real Woman
5. Please Accept My Call
6. The Truth
7. Ruby
8. Love Who You Can
9. Please Stay Home
10. Like Running Water


01 Love Addict
02 You've Been A Good Ole Wagon
03 If I Loved You
04 Somewhere Along The Line
05 In A Soft & Subtle Way
06 Unselfish Love
07 I've Never Been A Woman Before
08 Into The Mystic
09 My Prayer
Stay Tuned!


01. unforgettable
02. for all we know
03. pure natural love
04. fools rush in
05. going out of my head
06. Fever (not included)
07. caravan
(for whatever reason , I've misplaced track 6 Anyone?)
Stay Tuned!


A1 Justified (5:38) Percussion - Arthur Jenkins
A2 I've Only Known A Stranger (3:30)
A3 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (6:40) Bass - Ron Carter
B1 Black-Eyed Blues (6:00) Percussion - Arthur Jenkins Saxophone [Alto] - Pee Wee Ellis B2 Too Many Roads (4:35)
B3 You Could Have Had Me, Baby (7:30)


1 Home Is Where The Hatred Is (3:28)
2 From A Whisper To A Scream (4:25)
3 To Lay Down Beside You (5:02)
4 That's All Right With Me (3:17)
5 'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone (6:12)
6 Sweet Touch Of Love (3:37)
7 Baby, I'm For Real (4:20)
8 Your Love Is So Doggone Good (4:26)
9 Scarred Knees (6:21)
10 How Blue Can You Get (5:09)
11 Brother, Brother (2:57)
12 Don't Run And Hide (6:00)
13 A Beautiful Friendship (4:54)


A1 Use Me (3:50)

A2 Cherry Red (4:30)

A3 Let Me In Your Life (3:35)

A4 Alone Again (3:21)

A5 You And Me Together Forever (3:18)

B1 Georgia Rose (5:00)

B2 I Don't Want To Do Wrong (4:15)

B3 I've Never Found A Man (To Love Me Like You Do) (3:25)

B4 Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (3:25)

B5 Let's Move & Groove (3:40)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Millie Jackson - It Hurts So Good '73

1. I Cry Listen Listen 2. Hypocrisy Listen Listen 3. Two-Faced World Listen Listen 4. It Hurts So Good Listen Listen 5. Don't Send Nobody Else Listen Listen 6. Hypocrisy (Reprise) Listen Listen 7. Good To The Very Last Drop Listen Listen 8. Help Yourself Listen Listen 9. Love Doctor Listen Listen 10. Now That You Got It Listen Listen 11. Close My Eyes Listen Listen 12. Breakaway (Reprise) Listen Listen

Keep Reachin' Up

1. Feeling Free Listen Listen 2. If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is) Listen Listen 3. Keep Reachin' Up Listen Listen 4. Blues Downtown Listen Listen 5. My Four Leaf Clover Listen Listen 6. A Perfect Kind Of Love Listen Listen 7. Invisible Man Listen Listen 8. Holdin' On Listen Listen 9. No One's Gonna Love You Listen Listen 10. Soul Investigators Theme


1. Message to Love
2. Over the Rainbow
3. Crash Landing
4. Come Down Hard on Me
5. Peace in Mississippi
6. With the Power
7. Stone Free Again
8. Captain Coconut

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - [1962]

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
1. In A Sentimental Mood
2. Take The Coltrane
3. Big Nick
4. Stevie
5. My Little Brown Book
6. Angelica
7. Feeling Of Jazz, The
Personnel: Duke Ellington (piano); John Coltrane (tenor & soprano saxophones); Jimmy Garrison, Aaron Bell (bass); Elvin Jones, Sam Woodyard (drums).
Recorded at The Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on September 26, 1962.
DUKE ELLINGTON & JOHN COLTRANE begins with a remarkable performance of "In A Sentimental Mood." Ellington's chattering, bell-like accompaniment sets off Coltrane's fulsome, rhapsodic interpretaion in sharp relief. For Johnny Hodges--one of Duke's main men, and an early employer of Coltrane--"In A Sentimental Mood" was a showpiece. The Rabbit practically owned the tune, and yet Hodges considered Coltrane's to be the finest version of the song he'd ever heard.
Which indicates how deeply rooted in the jazz and blues tradition Coltrane always was. DUKE ELLINGTON & JOHN COLTRANE represented an opportunity for Trane to step back and reflect upon the elemental lyricism and swing that were at the heart of even his most adventurous flights--and to silence those nay-sayers who were carping about how his band with Eric Dolphy was "anti-jazz."
"Take The Coltrane" offers up one of Duke's great vamp tunes, and illustrates just how well the master knew how to accomodate Coltrane and play to his strengths, gently prodding him into fresh melodic directions. with its insistent bluesy hosannas and tart, off-center harmonies, "Take The Coltrane" is an improviser's delight, as the pianist offers elegant harmonic contrasts to Trane's backwoods preacher. "Big Nick" is Trane's tip of the hat to tenor man and raconteur Nick Nicholas, a tipsying, elusive little melody with a hint of Sidney Bechet (and Hodges) that allows the saxophonist to range up and down his soprano.
The remainder of the repetoire is from the Ellington/Strayhorn songbook, beginning with Duke's infectious minor blues, "Stevie." Ellington treats his keyboard as a mini-orchestra, and Coltrane rides Sam Woodyard's backbeat into the sun. Strayhorn's "My Little Brown Book" opens with a bell-like fantasia between piano and Elvin Jones' cymbals, as Coltrane demonstrates a variety of refined ballad inflections. "Angelica" offers an infectuous Afro-Cuban dialogue between Ellington and Woodyard, and an earnest, fervent Coltrane who doesn't rise to the tune's humor the way a Sonny Rollins would, but when Aaron Bell seats that 4/4 in the bass...look out. "The Feeling Of Jazz" is just that, closing things out with a classic blues that shuffles happily between swing and a hard rock.


A1 MC Slim & MC Short Cut Double Cross
A2 Icey Jaye Icey 'J' Is On Wax
A3 Yuggie First Lady Of Go Go Ma Butt
A4 Wee Papa Girl Rappers Rebel Rap
A5 L'Trimm Cuttie Pie
B1 Marla Mar You Know What I'm Sayin'
B2 Salt 'N' Pepa Spinderella's Not A Fella
B3 Hit & Run How Long
B4 Beatmasters, The Rok Da House Featuring - Cookie Crew, The
B5 Brandon Cooke Sharp As A Knife Featuring - Roxanne Shanté
C1 Dimples Tee Jealous Fellas
C2 DLR (2) Down To The Fullest
C3 She Rockers Give It A Rest
C4 Sweet Tee On The Smooth Tip
C5 Big Lady K Don't Get Me Started
D1 Real Roxanne, The Roxanne's On A Roll
D2 Kiss AMC Let Off Featuring - Ruthless Rap Assassins
D3 J.J. Fad Supersonic
D4 Queen Latifah Princess Of The Posse
D5 Lazy & Lisa Bad Young Sisters

Pipe Dreams Gladys Knight & The Pips (Buddah 1976)

Gladys Knight starred in this Alaska-based love story. The album features a number of distinguished arrangers, including Michael Masser (also responsible for Diana Ross' underrated 'Mahogany' soundtrack), Bubba Knight and the great Dominic Frontiere (take a listen to the fabulous Brannigan main theme, sadly never issued on LP). Much of the album is standard Pips material and lacks depth, often descending into lounge jazz-tinged soul. The album features one stronger funk track, a slower guitar-based jam called 'Alaskan Pipeline'. An album for completists.

1. So Sad The Song 2. Alaskan Pipeline 3. Pot Of Jazz 4. I'll Miss You 5. Nobody But You 6. Pipe Dream 7. Find A Way 8. Follow My Dreams 9. So Sad The Song (Instr.)

Richard Popcorn Wylie - E.S.P.

A1 - Singing About You and Me
A2 - Georgia After Hours
A3 - How Did I Loose You
A4 - Lost Time
B1 - E.S.P
B2 - I Can Take the World On With You
B3 - Both Ends Against the Middle
B4 - Trust in Me

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Whispers - Life & Breath (Janus 1972)

1)Here Comes Tomorrow
2)Somebody Loves You
3)I Love The Way You Make Me Feel
4)Live And Breath
5)Set This Happiness Inside Me
6)Can We Love Forever
7)Does She Care
8)Speak Softly Love
9)Give Me A Little Love
10)My Illusions

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shirley Brown

1. It Ain't No Fun
2. Long As You Love Me
3. Stay With Me Baby
4. I've Got To Go On Without You
5. Woman To Woman
6. So Glad To Have You
7. Passion
8. I Can't Give You Up
9. I Need You Tonight
10. Between You And Me

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cold Blood

1 Visions (3:23)
2 Lo And Behold (4:12)
3 Down To The Bone (5:45)
4 You Had To Know (5:50)
5 My Lady Woman (4:04)
6 No Way Home (3:25)
7 Inside Your Soul (3:28)
8 All My Honey (3:31)
9 Valdez In The Country (3:44)
Props to CeetheChef for sharing this!


1. Kathleen Emery
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (3:59)
2. Los Brasilios
Brasilian Heat (2:54)
3. Fred Johnson
A Child Runs Free (4:10)
4. Lorez Alexandria
Send In The Clowns (3:54)
5. Dee Felice Trio
Nightingale (2:31)
6. Freddy Cole
Brother Where Are You (4:48)
7. Keith Mansfield
Morning Broadway (2:06)
8. Vincent Geminiani
Ophis Le Serpentaire (2:38)
9. Carleen & The Groovers
Right On (2:14)
10. Frank Motley
Ya Ya (3:56)
11. Letta Mbulu
What's Wrong With Groovin' (2:53)
12. Bruno Spoerri
Les Electroniciens (2:57)


West Wing 1975

A1 - I Got A Love For You
A2 - Have A Nice Weekend Baby
A3 - She Loves Me (That's What The Flower Said)
A4 - Gave Your Love, Gave All Of Your Love To Me
B1 - We Got A Perfect Love Together
B2 - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby
B3 - Look On The Brighter Side Of Love
B4 - I Wanna Thank You, Love
Stay Tuned!

Boz Scaggs - Moments

Track Listings
1. We Were Always Sweethearts
2. Downright Women
3. Painted Bells
4. Alone, Alone
5. Near You
6. I Will Forever Sing (The Blues)
7. Moments
8. Hollywood Blues
9. We Been Away
10. Can I Make It Last
I don't know how you would categorize Boz Scaggs with moments of funk, soul , pop , and almost country at times...none of these songs quite do it for me like the opening track "We Were Always Sweethearts", which is a nice uptempo jammer , but that doesn't mean the rest of the album is not worth a listen . As I'm almost sure you sample headz out there are bound to find a snip or two to work with , ripped from my collection...ENJOY!

Michael Henderson

1. Make Me Feel Better
2. Time
3. Let Love Enter
4. Treat Me Like A Man
5. Solid
6. Be My Girl
7. You Haven't Made It To The Top
8. Valentine Love
9. Stay With Me This Summer

Her's another "Solid" treasure from the Buddah Records Label 1976.....Ripped from my personal vinyl collection ...enjoy!

Walter Heath

You Know You're Wrong Don't Ya Brother ;
LP (Item 3780)
Buddah, 1974
Obscure mellow midtempo soul LP on Buddah from 1973. The record's got an easy mellow feel that's quite nice and a bit folksy -- and Heath has a progressive righteous approach that reminds us a bit of Terry Callier. The songwriting's a bit varied, but the nicest moments have that kind of hip underground sound that makes you happy you still dig through old LPs. The album includes some nice lost cuts -- like "Put Your Love in My Hands" and "You Know You're Wrong", both of which have a nice late night feel -- plus the tracks "Every Fool On Earth", "Jamey", "Brother", "Made To Love", and "I Thought You Might Like To Know".
(there is an odd pop on the track "Jamey" (not my rip) , but it kinda throws off the entire tune, the rest of the album is very much Worth checking out, I'm sure this may already be out in circulation as I posted it here once before, as well as the original source , whom I couldn't say, as I've had this for quite awhile...ENJOY!)


Various Artists - Booniay!! A compilation of West African Funk
1. Get Together - Bright Engelberts & The B.E. Movement
2. Akoko Ba - Guedu Blay-Ambolley
3. Good Samaritan - Matata
4. Body And Soul - William Onyeabor
5. Hot And Jumpy - George Danquah
6. Fa No Dem Ara - Quedy Blay-Ambolley
7. Tolambo Funk - Bright Engelberts & The B.E. Movement
8. Menyeckse - Atomic Bomb Zigoto
9. Susan Sue - Vis A Vis
10. This Hustling World - Gyedu Blay-Ambolley

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Pharaohs - Awakening 1972

1. Damballa
2. Ibo
3. Tracks of My Tears
4. Black Enuff
5. Somebody's Been Sleeping
6. Freedom Road
7. Great House


Here's yet another cover that does not paint an inviting picture
to the super nice rare grooves on this comp, I'm sure there are gonna be a couple there you may already know , but rest assure the others will knock your socks off so don't be misled by the cover or the title for that matter , they should have called it "Gettin' Groovy" (IMO)
check out the lineup
1. Hook & Sling (Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders)
2. Hector (Village Callers)
3. Break your Back (Willie Henderson)
4. Chick-A-Boom (Joe Bataan)
5. You're so right to me (Eastside Connection)
6. Gotta find me a lover (Erma Franklin)
7. Here comes the Judge (Pete Rodriguez)
8. Muere pequeña (Sexteto Electrónico Moderno)
9. Solar Heat (Cal T'Jader)
10. It don't make sense but it sure sounds good (Eddie Long)
11. Take more Candi (Candido)
12. Morris Park (Lenni Sesar)
13. The Oracle (Sabu)
14. Mess Around (Orchestra Harlow)
15. The Line Dance (Johnnie Colon)
16. Viva Peraza (Armando Peraza)
17. Es diferente (Cachao)
18. Viva Tirado (Fania All Stars)
19. The Good Doctor (Mongo Santamaria)
20. 38 1/2 (Irakere)
21. Squeeze it tight (Cossa Nostra)
Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shotgun IV


A1 Come On With It (5:24)
A2 I Want You (4:54)
A3 You Deserve The Best (4:05)
A4 Go Head (5:04)
B1 Come On And Dance (3:52)
B2 Standing In Need Of Love (5:03)
B3 You Just Wanna Dance (4:57)
B4 Happy Feelin' (5:25)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tom Brock

Song Title
1. Have A Nice Weekend Baby
2. Love We Share Is The Greatest
3. There's Nothing In This World
4. I Love You More & More
5. Naked As The Day I Was Born
6. That's The Reason Why I Love You
7. Shake Me, Wake Me
8. If We Don't Make It, Nobody Can

Howard Tate - Reaction

1. Question
2. Have You Ever Had The Blues
3. Plenty Of Love
4. That's What Happens
5. Little Volcano
6. It's Too Late
7. Hold Me Tight
8. Come Into My Heart
9. What'll I Do
10. Chain Gang
11. My Soul's Got A Hole In It
12. These Are The Things That Make Me Know You're Gone


A1 Think (2:15) Written-By - Aretha Franklin , Ted White
A2 I Say A Little Prayer (3:30) Written By - Burt Bacharach , Hal David
A3 See Saw (2:42) Written-By - Don Covay , Steve Cropper
A4 Night Time Is The Right Time (4:44) Written-By - Lew Herman
A5 You Send Me (2:25) Written-By - Sam Cooke
B1 You're A Sweet Sweet Man (2:14) Written-By - Ronnie Shannon
B2 I Take What I Want (2:30) Written-By - David Porter , Isaac Hayes , Teenie Hodges* B3 Hello Sunshine (3:00) Written By - King Curtis (2) , Ron Miller
B4 A Change (2:23) Written-By - Clyde Otis , Dorian Burton
B5 I Can't See Myself Without You (3:00) Written-By - Ronnie Shannon

Chain Reaction

A1 Never Lose Never Win (4:15)
A2 Why Can't We Be Lovers (4:53)
A3 Quicksand (5:32)
A4 Think I'll Leave This Song Just Like It Is (4:00)
A5 Cold Steel (3:06)
B1 Miss Lovely Miss Beautiful (3:35)
B2 Hogtied (6:11)
B3 Indebted To You (4:04)
B4 Chase A Miracle (2:58)


Fatback* - Tasty Jam Label: Spring Records
Format: Vinyl, LP Country: US
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic Style: Disco Notes: Produced by Bill Curtis & Gerry Thomas.
A1 Take It Any Way You Want It (6:02)
A2 Wanna Dance (Keep Up The Dance) (5:00)
A3 Keep Your Fingers Out The Jam (6:13)
B1 Kool Whip (6:30)
B2 High Steppin' Lady (7:08)
B3 Get Ready For The Knight (3:57)
(ripped from vinyl, so its gotta couple pops at the beginning of each side of the record)

Alicia Myers 1984

You Get The Best From Me (8:00)
I Want To Thank You (3:47)

Bobby Wilson 7"

Anything (That You Want) bw/Here Is Where The Love Is
1973 Chain Records

Roy "C"

Side A
I Found A Man (In My Bed)
Side B
I'm Falling In Love Again
(another one out of the 45 stack , bare with the fried chicken, and this would also be a nice album to find in full as well...)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


"VONDA'S TUNE" (part 1 of "Earth home of the mortals")