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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pete's Treats....(as sampled by Pete Rock)

01- The Impressions - On The Move
02- Lou Donaldson - Turtle Walk
03- Eddie Bo - From This Day On
04- King Curtis - Instant Groove
05- O’Donnell Levy - We’ve Only Just Begun
06- The Three Degrees - Your The Fool
07- Little Richard - The Rill Thing
08- Bama - Ghettos of the Mind
09- Freddie McCoy - Gimme Some
10- The Ohio Players - What's Going On
11- Simtec Wylie - Bootleggin'
12- Mongo Santamaria - Heighty Ho
13- Ernie Hines - Our Generation
14- Kool & the Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk
15- The 9th Creation - Bubble Gum
16- Georgie Fame - Music Talk
17- Eugene McDaniels - Freedom Dance
18- Eddy Senay - Cameo
19- Tom Scott - Today
20- Alyn Ainsworth - Where Do I Go
21- The Five Stair Steps - Don’t Change Your Love
22- Back Yard Heavies - Expo 83
23- Gentlemen & Ladies - Party Time
24- Cannonball Adderly - Capricorn
25- The Ambassadors - Aint Got The Love
26- Mel & Tim - Groovy Situation
27- Bama - I Got Soul
28- Judy Foster - Soul Girl
Props to Loafybrown for sharing this,,,,more Treats for the day....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I won't loan you a cd or an album, but I'll gladly make you a dub to take home and enjoy!
Oh and by the way, you don't own that either....
There is a threat on the rise, and I'm not a gambling person, so yes I had to pump the breaks.
The Bear Vs. The Fish
Just swimming around , surviving on small pellets..."cough"
never mind you ,that....
the new plan is simple....
you see something new....keep in mind, that after 24-48 it will be deleted.
that is all for now.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Desperately Seeking Movies.....

wanna see if any of the fam could locate a good avi link to any of these?????

I've found "Over The Edge" (on btjunkie) awhile back , but the audio was out of sync so bad , that you couldn't watch it.....any help , would be Preeshy!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


something you wanna hear?, something you wanna share?

put it here...thx..
seemed like this helped everyone out last time,
If your request was not filled, try again, you never know.....
we'll try this for each month...