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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Desperately Seeking Movies.....

wanna see if any of the fam could locate a good avi link to any of these?????

I've found "Over The Edge" (on btjunkie) awhile back , but the audio was out of sync so bad , that you couldn't watch it.....any help , would be Preeshy!!!


FunkyMongoose said...

sorry doc, i looked in all my usual movie spots, but nada.

Michiel said...

Same here, closed I came was 'Over The Hedge Divx'


I dont see any of these at my usual spots either, I'll keep searching though..

Running scared is one of the best movies EVER made....I love 80's movies...i just got an avi of Aurthur 1 (Dudley Moore) great flick too

DROK said...

good 80's movies , we're the best , gota love that cheesy nostalgia, you know , when you were there,
Love the theme song by Cristopher Cross (still)
for Authur, and Ive prolly seen the movie a 100 times, but, I don't think I was even a fan of that film, of course I was a buck when it came out, so I prolly never understood it, mabey one day I'll give it a shot again...
there a sooo many more movies I'd love to find, but , these in particular would be great to have...

Travis said...

I was just thinking about that "Lost Angels" the other day, if I run across it, I'll send it our direction.

DJ Bite said...

Hey Doc,

after a bit of searching I found this:


running scared

an innocent man

shoot to kill

over the edge

tourist trap

don't tell mom the babysitter is dead


I haven't tested any, so good luck!


DROK said...

thx Bite, thats awesome of you to help with the search.
looks like some of these may be links Ive already found, you have to sign up and register, and I cant seem to get them to work.
"Don't Tell Mom" is one id like to get the most and it looks like that first link is gonna work...thx bruh
I'll jump back on and let ya know which ones were good....

DJ Bite said...

You're welcome Doc!

I haven't done it yet, but in case you can't get it and really need it, I can always try to rip my own DVD of "don't tell mom..." for you.

Also, if you can't get something because you don't have a subscription, let me know, I am a member of a lot of Torrent sites :-) So I can download it for you and put it on Rapidshare or something.

monsieurwilly said...


Watch it, sometimes there are some old school movies.

DROK said...

ahhh, you guys rock, I try not to ask for much,
BUT Dj bite, you getz madd props from my whole fam , we have been after Don't tell 4ever, and thx to you, I now have it,thx so much again for your help :-) !

Craig said...

I'm on these sites steady when I'm diggin for movies & TV shows that aren't torrents.


Most of them update hourly. ~ allcirca

wackscoobysnacks said...

the dirt bike kid! man...that's hilarious!!

Reza said...

Its not an Avi but its the OST for Black Ceaser just in case you want it :)


loafybrown said...

yo doc.

if you're a movie buff you should definately look into torrenting.

download you a good torrent client like utorrent or azureus.


then all you have to do is find and download you a healthy torrent of the movie you're looking for from one of these torrent tracker sites and then you'll start downloading via your client through everyone that is uploading.

http://www.demonoid.com (this is a good tracker site, but it's invite only. i'll e-mail you if you're interested. just let me know)

hope this helps.

DROK said...

thx Loafy, I am up on all of these options/sites, just can't find these movies w/o locks on em.. :(

loafybrown said...

locks on em? what kind of locks? like password protected?

DROK said...

yhea , you end up having to sign up to a differant site, and for whatever reason , I can never get it to work, or, ive even seen some where they ask for money.
it's like it's pnly the movies that I am looking for, WTF!

thx for helping none the less, Loafy, youve remained a helpful member/reader of this blog, and thats what its all about,,,,helping.....

Just R said...

Hey Drok,

Are you still looking for dirt bike kid? I have it and can upload for you. Let me know.