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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pete's Treats....(as sampled by Pete Rock)

01- The Impressions - On The Move
02- Lou Donaldson - Turtle Walk
03- Eddie Bo - From This Day On
04- King Curtis - Instant Groove
05- O’Donnell Levy - We’ve Only Just Begun
06- The Three Degrees - Your The Fool
07- Little Richard - The Rill Thing
08- Bama - Ghettos of the Mind
09- Freddie McCoy - Gimme Some
10- The Ohio Players - What's Going On
11- Simtec Wylie - Bootleggin'
12- Mongo Santamaria - Heighty Ho
13- Ernie Hines - Our Generation
14- Kool & the Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk
15- The 9th Creation - Bubble Gum
16- Georgie Fame - Music Talk
17- Eugene McDaniels - Freedom Dance
18- Eddy Senay - Cameo
19- Tom Scott - Today
20- Alyn Ainsworth - Where Do I Go
21- The Five Stair Steps - Don’t Change Your Love
22- Back Yard Heavies - Expo 83
23- Gentlemen & Ladies - Party Time
24- Cannonball Adderly - Capricorn
25- The Ambassadors - Aint Got The Love
26- Mel & Tim - Groovy Situation
27- Bama - I Got Soul
28- Judy Foster - Soul Girl
Props to Loafybrown for sharing this,,,,more Treats for the day....


toby said...

Drok always quality with forreal thanks and perfect timing cos i got deep crates 1 and 2 today

toby said...

Thanks loafy

loafybrown said...

word no problem.

even tho its rapidshare and theres a time limit wait I really recommend this album. dope stuff here. Pete Rock definately knew what he was doing when he sampled shit off these tracks. hah.

thank you doc for postin it. enjoy yall.

jdayal74 said...

Thnx Doc & Loafy for this one, Pete Knows his shit when it comes to Soul/funk believe that Happy Halloween Y'all

jdayal74 said...

Thnx Doc & Loafy for this one, Pete Knows his shit when it comes to Soul/funk believe that Happy Halloween Y'all

jdayal74 said...

Not to mention Pete is probably the inspiration for alot of the soul/funk crate diggin nerds on this blog

wackscoobysnacks said...

this looks like a really good comp. thanks for the post doc!

Ernest said...

Thanks bro!!

Hatch said...

Thankyou Loafybrown & DrOk what a team!
For anyone who doesn't have either a RS premium account or patience like me this site has been pretty good at giving me 3 one after another RS DLs a day:
Not much I know, but will allow you to grab this in one go.
Sure makes those 192 minute waits go a little quicker too.
Btw I'm not spamming, I've tried a ton of sites and this is all that works.

Emerson Dameron said...

Fantastic! Thanks.

Lutcha said...

Thnx, Bro ! That's nice of YA !!

DROK said...

at Hatch
that site looks cool but, what am I missing???
it says:Just type the files URL in the form and click "Download"
well, where is the form?

Hatch said...

Look for the rather hard to see and tiny "Generator your link" repeated across the page between two sets of adds at the bottom of the page.
This will reveal the url bar or alternatively go straight there: http://www.rsrip.com/generator.php
Sorry, should've put that up, it took me a while to find it.
Hope it works although you may get a shitty lack of bandwidth message.

Hatch said...

My bad I just tried that site and it's taking forever, forget about it.

LekkS said...

MAAAN!!! My fav. category is in effect)))


sludem said...

big ups for this pete rock is one of the very best

Flash said...

YEAHH !! this is crazy !
much love doc !

ron art said...

oh yea....lay some treats on me!

phyrephyter said...

manni saw soem hard to find gems on there...to mention...the king curtis cut

Wayne World said...

I guess I'll check this one out.... Thanks Loafy and DrOk!!