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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shirley Brown

1. It Ain't No Fun
2. Long As You Love Me
3. Stay With Me Baby
4. I've Got To Go On Without You
5. Woman To Woman
6. So Glad To Have You
7. Passion
8. I Can't Give You Up
9. I Need You Tonight
10. Between You And Me


DROK said...


Krisch said...

thanks, I did only know her self-titled album from 77.

htornado said...

Round my way we call this liquor house music. They play stuff like this in all the bootlegger spots. Ain't nothin' like it on a Sunday afternoon.

DaOriginalKillaKastro said...

Thanks Doc ! :)

invisiblenigma said...

Thanks Doc. Gonna Check it out Bro

Wayne World said...

Nice one DrOk!!

Matt said...

thanks again doc!

LekkS said...

Htornado - thanks for the worthy comment! I'ma dig this liquor house)))

Dr.OK - thanks for this rarity!

a-one said...

i think i used to have this. imma hafta d/l to be sure

sludem said...

yes more albums for the collection

sasha said...

nyce...thanx doc!

Styles said...

Thanks Doc.