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Monday, December 24, 2007


1 Come Away (3:15)
2 Dance (4:32)
3 Parking Lot Blues (2:53)
4 You Make No Sense (2:20)
5 Christelle (1:54)
6 About You (2:05)
7 It's Alright (2:38)
8 Moody (Spaced Out) (4:18)
9 Tiny Sticks (3:02)
10 The Beat (2:17)
11 My Love For You (2:54)


loafybrown said...

wow doc its like u read my mind sometimes. i was about to look for this album today around the blogosphere. so, thank you.

merry christmas to u and ur family n friends.

invisiblenigma said...

From the looks of this Cover you would think this is an old school hip hop album. I'll give it a listen. Thanks Peace.

Wayne World said...

At first...I did'nt know what this was. But after peepin it...I realized that I was familiar with "Moody". Wow...The Diggy Doc bringin back memories. Stuff I totally forgot about. That's why this place is the BOMB!! Nuff respect!!

djmafioso said...

Da ill joints. Thanx fam

truelivin said...

Whoaaa! What a great Christmas present. I thought I was waiting for Santa. Instead the Doc showed up! Thanks Doc

money said...

Classic Early 80's record...

Matt said...

soul jazz recently rereleased their stuff...it's not bad...definitely has a nyc sound to it. thanks doc.