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Monday, December 24, 2007


Various Artists - (Unknown - White Label Vinyl)
1. Across The Track
2. Tutti Frutti
3. Keep On Bumpin Before You Give Out Of Gas
4. Mashed Potato Popcorn
5. I Don't Want Nobody's Troubles
6. Honky Tonk
7. If You Got A Love You Better (Hold On To It)
8. Tighten Up
9. There Was A Time
10. With Your Sweet Lovin Self
11. From The Backside
12. Watermelon Man
13. From The Love Side
14. If I Had A Man Like You
15. The Grunt
16. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You
(ripped from vinyl (white label) no cover , no artists listing)


Flash said...

have to check this out !
thank u doc

invisiblenigma said...

Thank You Doc. This Looks Great. Much Appreciated.

Wayne World said...

You did a nice job on the cover....If you did the cover...Thanks DrOk.

Styles said...

can't wait to hear this. Thanks Doc.

Matt said...

this looks great doc! thanks again!

Jazzsoulman said...

Great looking cover. I Can't wait to hear it, thank you. Hope you had a great christmass.

Soul Diggs said...

where do you digg cos i want a peice of that pie quality drok much appreciated thanks

Mad said...

Chocolate Boy Wonder is in the house!!! Mega props drok!

Bojan said...

Is this a Pete Rock related cover?

Bojan said...

oh almost forgot, thanks1

DROK said...

naw , just some artwork that I threw the title over...