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Sunday, December 23, 2007


1. Talkin' Bout A Revolution
2. Fast Car
3. Across The Lines
4. Behind The Wall
5. Baby Can I Hold You
6. Mountains O' Things
7. She's Got Her Ticket
8. Why?
9. For My Lover
10. If Not Now...
11. For You


DROK said...


phyrephyter said...

thank u sir... i was listenin to FAST CAR on the radio and goto to thinkin...I NEED TO GET THAT AGAIN !!

invisiblenigma said...

I always loved Fast Car. I remember it when I was like 8 or 9 years old. Never heard the other tracks. Cant wait for this one. Thanks Doc

Wayne World said...

Interesting post. Tracy Chapman is an artist I expected to hear more from. I have to see what else she has done.

DROK said...

"Mountains O' Things" is the key track off this album , of course we all know and love "Fast Car" as well as the fact that its been sampled before (ATCQ?).
But I bought this about 12 or so yrs ago and the chick I was dating at the time MADE me listen to Mountains and I was blown away , 20 yrs later this album still holds up very well.Enjoy!

Wayne World said...

Damn...I just remembered how DOPE she is. Plus....I totally forgot about "Baby Can I Hold You".

I just checked out "Mountains O' Things". Very deep song!! Wow Tracy Chapman is the joint!!

DROK said...

yhea I forgot about it have "Baby Can I Hold You" which we just did the whole Foxy Brown post of it and all, but I think the song was orginaly preformed by Dolly Pardon/Parton?
someone plz correct me if I'm wrong about that, not sure who wrote it but, yes Tracy is Gold!
yur very welcome Wayne!

LekkS said...

Heh, sounds like I should be ashamed not knowing TC.
grabbing! Thank you Doc!

Susan said...

Thank you. I have the LP and listened to it over and over again, when it came out. Tracy was HUGE at that time.