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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


1. That's Why I Love You - Professionals
2. Savin' My Lovin' For You - People's Choice
3. Heart Trouble - Parliaments
4. Love Is The Only Solution - Starr, Martha
5. Hey Girl You've Changed - Vondells
6. Can't We Talk It Over - Allen, L.
7. Tough Girl - Arnell, Billy
8. Sleepless Nights - Paris
9. Try My Love - Dodds, Troy
10. Sweet And Lovely - Del-Tours
11. Somebody New - Moore, Danny
12. Make A Change - Rogers, Johnny
13. Silent Treatment - Deamain, Arin
14. I'm Still Yours - Summers, Johnny
15. Where Can My Baby Be - Martells
16. Ain't Gonna Cry No More - Charles, David
17. Don't Forget To Remember - Greater Experience
18. I Lost You - Hollidays
19. I Must Love You - Davis, Melvin
20. You're Welcome - Jackson, June
21. Your Love Is Getting Stronger - Four Voices
22. Somethin's Bad - Nomads
23. Will You Ever Learn - Soul Set
24. Sweet Things - Kennedy, Billy
25. Bari Track - Burdick, Doni
26. Try A Little Harder - Fi Dels
27. Where I'm Not Wanted - Holman, Eddie
28. My Kind Of Woman - Starr, Edwin
29. Shy Guy - Mac, Bobby
30. Quicksand - Osbourne, Kell
31. Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn't Do - Van Dyke, Connie
32. Lookin' For A Woman - Brooks Brothers
33. Those Lonely Nights - Soul Communications
34. I Gotta Good Thing Going - Executive Four
35. Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm - New Wanderers
36. Double Cookin' - Checkerboard Squares
37. Strand - Little Stanley
38. Try It Baby - Tokays
39. He Stole The Love That Was Mine - Mancha, Steve
40. I'll Be On My Way - Bob & Fred


weponel said...

Looks cool.... about 2 check it out. Thanx.

a-one said...

good lord!

Travis said...


invisiblenigma said...

Sweet Doc. Sweeet.

tedwan said...

Thanks DroK !

alex said...

hey drok-nearly all DETROIT 60,s grooves

wackscoobysnacks said...

now this is a bad ass collection! thanks for the post doc!

Soul Diggs said...

been lookin at this for a while and now its time to get it i cant wait to heat it thanks drok looks like its got some real nice cuts on it

Anonymous said...

Hey, DROK, didn't know Northern was your scene. Great post


Lion said...

Super sweet!!! You've got SOUL bro!!! Thank you very much.

PSY/OPSogist said...

Thanks. This is the shit!