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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Willie Tee...

01 - Teasin' You
02 - Walking Up A One Way Street
03 - Dedicated To You
04 - Thank You, John
05 - I Want Somebody
06 - You Better Say Yes
07 - Please Don't Go
08 - My Heart Remembers
09 - I Heard Everything You Said
10 - Ain't That True, Baby
11 - You Gonna Pay Some Dues
12 - Foolish Girl
13 - I Peeped Your Hole Card
14 - She Really Did Surprise Me
15 - Man That I Am
16 - Teasing You Again
17 - Your Love And My Love Together
18 - I'm Having So Much Fun
19 - Swivel Your Hips
20 - Close Your Eyes
pt1 pt2


Wayne World said...

Willie Tee.....Isn't that Howie's cousin?

tedwan said...

Thx a lot DroK it looks great.

Wish you a good end of 2007 and for all the fam'!

sludem said...

thanks an merry xmas

Matt said...

willie tee...i don't seem to recall this one...thanks again for the post doc!

Psych-Soul-Sensation said...

Thanks for the funky 45's from the master!

catacaldos said...

You made my day,can't believe your posts.I love this blog.Thanks

Liam said...

Can't believe the stuff you R posting, excellent !!! :)