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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A1 MC Slim & MC Short Cut Double Cross
A2 Icey Jaye Icey 'J' Is On Wax
A3 Yuggie First Lady Of Go Go Ma Butt
A4 Wee Papa Girl Rappers Rebel Rap
A5 L'Trimm Cuttie Pie
B1 Marla Mar You Know What I'm Sayin'
B2 Salt 'N' Pepa Spinderella's Not A Fella
B3 Hit & Run How Long
B4 Beatmasters, The Rok Da House Featuring - Cookie Crew, The
B5 Brandon Cooke Sharp As A Knife Featuring - Roxanne Shanté
C1 Dimples Tee Jealous Fellas
C2 DLR (2) Down To The Fullest
C3 She Rockers Give It A Rest
C4 Sweet Tee On The Smooth Tip
C5 Big Lady K Don't Get Me Started
D1 Real Roxanne, The Roxanne's On A Roll
D2 Kiss AMC Let Off Featuring - Ruthless Rap Assassins
D3 J.J. Fad Supersonic
D4 Queen Latifah Princess Of The Posse
D5 Lazy & Lisa Bad Young Sisters


jonathan.sandler said...

Just great, thanks so much Doc.

thecorrector said...

1989 baby! Thanks, Doc.

Wayne World said...

Wow...reppin the females. Nice one!! Thank you.

Styles said...

Thanks a lot.

Matt said...

thanks again doc!