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Saturday, December 22, 2007


01 Love Addict
02 You've Been A Good Ole Wagon
03 If I Loved You
04 Somewhere Along The Line
05 In A Soft & Subtle Way
06 Unselfish Love
07 I've Never Been A Woman Before
08 Into The Mystic
09 My Prayer
Stay Tuned!


DROK said...


Kosta said...

U'veComeALongWay is one of my vinyl lost many years ago,happy to have it back!

Wayne World said...

Esther Phillips has a real catchy vibe. I really like her stuff. Thanks for upping this DrOk. School is always in session here.

invisiblenigma said...

Thanks Doc. I love some Esther

Styles said...

Thanks my man.

Matt said...

never owned any of her material...thanks for the hook up doc!

nic said...

and thanks again Doc! I love this stuff!

catacaldos said...

Thanks Doc,i love the music by Esther,one of my favourites.

rangelo said...

Hi. Amazing blog . Can you reupload this album? Thank you.

david said...

request... could you reupload... wonderful music, really good blog.