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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Classic Album For Undergound Hip-Hop!

1 . Murs Rules The World
2 . Living Legend
3 . I Hate Your Boyfriend
4 . 24 / 7 (All Day)
5 . Just Cruisin
6 . Headicated
7 . Spiral (Interlude)
8 . Way Tight
9 . In The Zone
10 . Home Hussy
11 . Please
12 . Like What
13 . It Rules To Be Me
14 . Way Tight (Rmx)
Something to Bump while you get drunk this weekend!


invisiblenigma said...

Thanks for this one Doc. I'm gonna listen to this when I get home. I've always thought this cat was underrated. Much appreciated

nic said...

Thanks homie!

CBloom said...

This album is up there with F'Real and that means something serious.

LekkS said...

I've listened a couple of Murs tracks these days, I think any of his solo albums is more than worth checking, especially if you say this is classic. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one....I'm just really getting up on Murs so this is a welcome addition!