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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sly Stone - High On You

1. I Get High On You (3:15)
2. Crossword Puzzle (2:57)
3. That's Lovin' You (2:58) Drums - Bill Lordon
4. Who Do You Love? (3:42)
5. Green Eyed Monster Girl (3:55)
6. Organize (3:22) Bass - Rusty Allen
7. Le Lo Li (3:20) Drums - Willie Wild Sparks
8. My World (3:36)
9. So Good To Me (3:24)
10. Greed (4:13)


alex said...

hey drok!
many thanks for this GREAT album-takes me back some years man!

dushan aka mfp said...

wicked! had this one long time ago,but didnt back up... nice to have it again doc :)

thesoundsalvation said...

im going to get this. looks pretty rad. thanks man.

phyrephyter said...

i aint gonna tell u that i been lookin for this for a minute.and its been here all the time..dayum.....thank ya

wackscoobysnacks said...

can't go wrong with sly stone...thanks again doc!

Simon666 said...

Great album, love "Crossword Puzzle", ta doc!

catacaldos said...

Great post.I'll take it.Thank you

Simon666 said...

Hi Doc,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of The Temptations - ”Wings Of Love” (1976) (due to Sly's probable presence on that album).

Azbest said...