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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ballin' Jack

Big Props to SoulBrotha for this sweet hook up, yop it's the infamous "Bust A Move" sample as used by Young M.C.....Ballin' Jack's Found_A_Child


The Gosub Routine said...


cheers 2 u & soulbrotha for the track!


LekkS said...

SB is in da house)))!! Thanks! Like "Bust a Move", so I need to check the foundation))

Soul Diggs said...

thanks soulbrother / drok bust a move is a stone cold classic thanks for the original

Hatch said...

Thanks for this track soulbrotha & Doc. Sweet music.

phyrephyter said...

gotta say thamk u for this tooo

ChrisMaestro said...

thanks for this track,Dr!!!

cheeba said...

Great track, Doc!

For anyone who wants to look deeper, here is a post with the 1st & 2nd album:


and here is a post with their 4th and final "Live and in Color":


Their 3rd LP "Special Pride" is really rare but it has the other money track by BJ, "Try To Relax."