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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Black Merda - The Psyche Funk of Black Merda

Black Merda - The Psyche Funk of Black Merda
01 Cynthy-Ruth (Alt Take)
02 People Let Me Know [as Linnie Walker w_Black Merda]
03 Foxy lady [as The Soul Agents]
04 Got Me Running [as VC L. Veasey]
05 As Sisters and Brothers [as VC L. Veasey]
06 We've Got The Power [as VC L. Veasey]
07 Reality (Alt Take)
08 Darn Well [as Linnie Walker w_Black Merda]
09 Foxy Lady (instrumental) [as The Soul Agents]
10 Do Nothing Wrong [as VC L. Veasey]
11 The Original Man [as VC L. Veasey]
A collection of ultra rare material from the mighty Black Merda and affilliates -- including early work credited to The Soul Agents (a pre-cursor to Merda) and solo credits for lead singer VC L. Veasey! Psych Funk is a very apt description to pretty much all of the music in the set -- with that sinister guitar groove, funky bass and rollicking drums. The vocals range from the soul funk school -- especially the couple of tracks sung by Linnie Walker (the sister of Black Merda members Charles and Anthony Hawkins) -- to more psychedelia-learned phrasings -- not unlike early Parliament! Tracks include an alternate versions of the Black Merda tunes "Cynthy-Ruth" and "Reality", "People Let Me Know" and "Darn Well" featuring vocals by Linnie Walker, the Soul Agents excellent funk version of "Foxy Lady", and the VC Veasey tracks "Do Nothing Wrong" and "Original Man".


ron art said...

this is some ish i never knew existed. dunno how you find this stuff, but you need to do a radio show.

ron art said...

yea...some funky shit up n here..

thesoundsalvation said...

this looks real rad. cannot wait!

Hatch said...

Def some awesome tracks coming out of your record collection, cheers!

wackscoobysnacks said...

can't wait to check this one out...thanks Doc!

ejunkie said...

This is a great album, thanks for the post.