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Monday, December 3, 2007

Superfly Deluxe!

1.Little Child Runnin' Wild
3.Freddie's Dead
4.Junkie Chase - (instrumental)
5.Give Me Your Love (Love Song)
6.Eddie You Should Know Better
7.No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song)
8.Think - (instrumental)
10.Freddie's Dead (Theme From "Superfly") - (single mix)
11.Superfly - (single mix)
DISC 2/:
1.Ghetto Child - (demo)
2.Pusherman - (alternate mix)
3.Freddie's Dead - (instrumental)
4.Junkie Chase - (instrumental, full-length version)
5.No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song) - (instrumental)
6.Militant March
7.Eddie You Should Know Better - (instrumental)
8.Radio Spot #1
9.Underground, The - (demo)
10.Check Out Your Mind - (instrumental)
11.Radio Spot #2
12.Interview (Curtis Mayfield On Superfly)


Big Speech said...

good looks on this Dr.

Wayne World said...

Respect DrOk. Thanks.

nic said...

i gotta say something about this:
good post, first of all...

i don't know that any other record has had a more positive effect on me than this one. yeah, i know it's a soundtrack, but the strong positive & anti-(hard) drug messages on this joint were instrumental for me at a time when i needed to change my life...almost 10 years ago now...i guess i'm talking mostly, specifically about "No Thing On Me." i used that joint like an anthem...there was a period where i spun that song probably 20-30 times a day. it helped keep me from using, y'know, and gave me the strength & attitude i needed to make a positive change. i'll always love Curtis for that. I'm sure i can't be the only one who feels that way...bottom line, i'm sayin' this is a record everyone should hear AND share...it might not change the world, but it's powerful enough to change individuals - i know - and that's a start. life really can be a natural high!

Roy said...

thanks, doc.

jonathan.sandler said...

Grew up on the orig. but never heard all the extra stuff here. Cannot wait to check it. Thanks.

Rick said...

Direct1122 -

DrOk - Thanks this is worth downloading just for the Freedies Dead Instumental alone . Thanks Bro.


thesoundsalvation said...

im a loser for not having this yet. thank you so much man. cannot wait to dig in.

Styles said...

nice post Doc. I got this one a few years bag.

wackscoobysnacks said...

a classic...thanks doc!

Dre'matic said...

damn! never knew there was a deluxe edition. appreciate it!

Carla said...

Wow!!! Thanks for this. I didn't know this existed.

DJ Kool JB said...

files not found :( would appreciate a re-up