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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


1. The Horror (4:11)
2. Salud (0:38)
3. Smoke & Mirrors (4:26)
4. Good Times Roll Pt. 2 (4:57)
5. Final Frontier (4:25) Featuring - Blueprint
6. Ghostwriter (5:17)
7. Cut Out To FL (3:42)
8. F.H.H. (4:31) Featuring - Jakki
9. Shot In The Dark (1:21)
10. Chicken-Bone Circuit (3:54)
11. The Proxy (2:14)
12. 2 More Dead (5:17)
13. Take The Picture Off (1:02)
14. Silver Fox (3:31)
15. June (6:03) Featuring - Copywrite
16. Work (3:38)
16b. Here's What's Left (5:57)
BONUS Rjd2 Samples
most if not all of the samples used to create this compilation
in no particular order
Alvin Robinson - Something You Got (Work, the voice)
Astrud Gilberto - The Gentle Rain (Rain, the vocal)
Billy Eckstine - Third Child (Two More Dead, the horn part)
Bobby Blue Band - When You Come To The End Of Your Road (Final Frontier (Remix) feat. Blueprint, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock & Murs)
Bobby Timmons - Dat Dere (Rain, the piano part II)
Brian Auger & The Trinity feat. Julie Driscoll - Tiger (Let The Good Times Roll Pt. 1)
Caravan - Nigel Blows A Tune (Weathermen - 5 Left In The Clip [Rjd2 Remix])
Cris Williamson - Waterfall (Smoke & Mirrors, the voice)
(Oddly a rare record my mother used to play for me when i was a child)
David Matthews - Silent Running (Here's What's Left)
Elliott Smith - I Didn't Understand (Ghostwriter, one of the voices)
Evelyn 'Champagne' King - The Show Is Over (Final Froniter feat. Blueprint, the voice)
Gershon Kingsley - Hey, Hey (The Horror)
Grover Washington Jr. - Black Frost (Work, the organ)
June (The Guitar part)
King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (Aesop Rock - Kill 'Em All [Remix])
Lovage - Tea Time With Maseo (Chicken-Bone Ciruit, dialogue)
Michael LeGrand - I Still See You (Theme From The Go-Between) (Shot In The Dark, the beat)
Mystic Moods Orchestra - Universal Mind (F.H.H. feat. Jakki Tha Motamouth)
Pink Floyd - Echoes (Rain, intro)
Quincy Jones - Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself (Silver Fox)
Randy Newman - Lonely At the Top (Sell The World)
Samson And Delilah & The Boss City People - There's A DJ In Your Town (June & Salud, in the background)
Scooby Doo Theme (Rjd2 - The Horror, the last horn)
Steppenwolf - Earschplittenloudenboomer (June [Remix], the guitar part around 2 minutes)
Steppenwolf - Hippo Stomp (Cannibal Ox - The F Word [Rjd2 Mix])
Steppenwolf - Jupiter Child (Smoke & Mirrors, the drums)
Syl Johnson - Concrete Reservation (Two More Dead, intro)
The Intruders - Memories Are Here To Stay (Here's What's Left)
The Manhattans - Follow Your Heart (Silver Fox)
The Sylvers - I Wish That I Could Talk To You (June [Remix])
Tyrone Davis - A Woman Needs To Be Loved (Find You Out, main sample)


jonathan.sandler said...

You rock Doc. TY.

GWA said...

Alas, the mediafire links don't seem to be working on the bonus sampled sections, or then again it could be just me.
Thanks anyway for posting some classy samplers,
Lotsadecks / GWA

DROK said...

I'LL HAVE TO RE-UP THE SAMPLE FILES LATER ON, media fire has been doin that alot lately, not sure whats up..sfti.

alex said...

hello drok,
nice comp m8!

phyrephyter said...

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Flash said...

coool, need to check this out !

Flash said...

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too late

ejunkie said...

Thanks for re-upping these Doc. i'm looking forward to checkin' em out.

LekkS said...

Many thanks for the sample goodies!!!

Lion said...

Thank you, Doc! Amazing post!

What It Is said...

huh, how did this get by me. Thanks Doccy!

wackscoobysnacks said...

nice stuff doc! thanks!

tedwan said...

Yeah Nice one Drok i'v been looking for that !

Jake said...

Thanks drok. Rjd2 is great. I can't believe he used this many samples for one record. A comp like this for Since We Last Spoke would be awesome, especially since there are no samples listed in the liner notes. That doesn't seem possible though.

purple_Crayons said...

i would sell my soul for a re-up of this. off the top of my head, i can think of a few tracks that you didn't include (not exclusively for deadringer): marion black - "who knows" (for the main vocals on "smoke & mirrors"), the sylvers - "i'll never be ashame" (for the intro to "cutting out to fl"), betty wright - secretary (for the horns in "ghostwriter"), and steve reich - electric counterpoint: fast (for "the proxy").

i can upload these (and others) to mediafire if you'd like to throw these up. let me know.

Priest said...

I dont really know about RJD2. Im gonna check this out off the strength of your reccomendation Doc

hooks said...

word dr

the samples files are down on z share now too, fancy re upping them yet again???

yours hopefully......