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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Real Thing


invisiblenigma said...

Wow. Haven't heard this yet, but the cover is Fiya! Thanks Doc.

nic said...

the cover is good...i bet this is dope!

wackscoobysnacks said...

i've never heard of this one but i'll check it out for sure. thanks again for the post doc!

GeeeFlat said...

He He! That's a really good one Doc! Their discography is soooo hard to find! these guys have done one of the bes track I know. it's called 'Stanhope Street'. Uber funky!

Here's the discography for them if you can find the rest of the albums. I haven't got them but if anyone does, please shout!

The Real Thing (Pye LP, 1976)

4 from 8 (Pye LP, 1977)

Step into our world (Pye LP, 1978)

Can you feel the force (Pye LP, 1979)

Saints or sinners (Calibre LP, 1980)

All the best doc!