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Sunday, February 24, 2008


01. I'm Bad (4:39)
02. Kanday (3:59)
03. Get Down (3:23)
04. The Bristol Hotel (2:43)
05. My Rhyme Ain't Done (3:45)
06. .357 - Break It On Down (4:05)
07. Go Cut Creator Go (3:57)
08. The Breakthrough (4:04)
09. I Need Love (5:23)
10. Ahh, Let's Get Ill (3:45)
11. The Do Wop (4:59)
12. On The Ill Tip (0:31)


nic said...

"i take a musclebound man & put his face in the sand!"
this is one of my favorite albums...ever.

blueadam said...

followed by "I need love girl" which my wife will love to hear again. very cool blog- good job.

Anonymous said...

'My hat is like a sharks fin' ...Doc, the youngin' may not even know this album existed. They may not know how much of a force LL was either......thanks for the shot back in time Doc.

Big Speech said...


Dre'matic said...

this is where i got my swagger from back in elementary!

blkdaniel said...

without you dr.ok we would have old school beats like this to jam from...thanx with much love

Robert said...

oh shit!! I still have my vinyl copy and yo that's one dope album!!
I won't have to rip this one:)

Kevin said...

Yo, this one definitely brings back memories of growing up in Peoria, IL. I was 14 years old at the time this came out and was a total hip-hop fanatic. I think I sold my CD, but I still have this one tape somewhere.

Thanks for the share!

Peace, Kevin

LekkS said...

Almost got no clue on this LL's album. So its a must-listen 4 me, thank you, DR!

rolandprincefan said...

Thanks. My fave LL album, just better than Radio IMO.