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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Lost Generation

A1 Sly, Slick and the Wicked
A2 Love on a Two Way Street
A3 Give Me Just a Little More Time
A4 You're So Young But You're So True
A5 Sorry I Can't Help You
B1 Someday
B2 Love Land
B3 Didn't I Blow Your Mind
B4 Wasting Time
B5 Wait a Minute


Styles said...

Thanks for the drop Doc. Looks interesting.

alex said...

hey doc!
many thanks for sharing another gem man!
great underated SOUL album.

ejunkie said...

Thanks Doc, I'm looking forward to listening to this. Cheers.

invisiblenigma said...

nice one Doc. Thanks

nic said...

not sure what this is, but i got a good feeling about it! thanks Doc!

Wayne World said...

Thank you DrOk!!! This one looks real promising!!

Soul Diggs said...

with a far out trippy cover like that i just got to gets it thanks drok and im sure that this will be another lesson keep up the forrealness

Jazzsoulman said...

Never heard of this one, but the cover looks so coooooooooool man. Can't stand it. I MUST have it. Thank you Doc

wackscoobysnacks said...

i really dig the pyschadelic art work on this album cover. i'll check this one out for sure. thanks again doc!

mmbk324 said...

Whoa! Never thought I'd see this one again. Thanks.

hooch said...

Many Thanks Doc!

catacaldos said...

Many thanks for this special post.My heart is yours.

HAZE.Visivo said...

Have to check it.