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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dana Dane

1. Dedication 2 (0:46)
Producer - Invincibles, The
2. Dana Dane To It (3:52)
Producer - Quicksilver
3. A Little Bit Of Dane Tonight (5:12)
4. Tales From The Dane Side (5:16)
5. What Dirty Minds U Have (3:50)
Producer - Excalibur
6. Makes Me Wanna Sing (4:39)
7. Dana Dane 4-Ever (3:25)
8. Lonely Man (5:05)
Producer - Wilfred "Omega" Hilton
9. Johhny The Dipper (4:15)
Producer - Wizard M.E.
10. Something Special (4:50)
11. Bedie Boo (2:22)
Producer - Invincibles, The
12. Just Here To Have Fun (4:18)


nic said...


Anonymous said...

A hard to find LP from one of my personal favorites! Thanks Doc....by the way, do you know if Dane bit MC Ricky D or was it the other way around? Guess Rick was from England but Dane was still dope with his....Got any Kangol Krew jawns?????

wackscoobysnacks said...

i remember buying this one way back in the days. i was kind of disappointed in it when compared to his first album that was released on Profile records. man...this one brings back some memories. thanks for the post doc!

ThorZeen said...

Been looking for this album for a loooooooong time. Thanks Doc.