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Saturday, February 23, 2008


1. Here the Album
2. Where They at (Radio)
3. Where They at (Club)
4. Bitches (Reply) - DJ Jimi, ,
5. Ghetto Walk [Instrumental]
6. Lick That Cat
7. Take It Like a Dog (Radio)
8. Take It Like a Dog (Club)
9. Talk to Me
10. Bounce (For the Juvenille)
11. Put It in Gear
12. Reprise
13. Project Bounce
14. Got It Going On


Styles said...

First! I had this back in the day, but you know how stuff disappears. It'll be good to have it again.

Styles said...

Oh yeah and Thanks Doc.

Krisch said...

Thanks, the 1st appearance on wax by Juvenile?

money said...

very hard to find! every new orleans bounce record got their shit from either this or showboys' drag rap!