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Thursday, January 17, 2008


1. Jo-Jo And The Fugitives - Fugitive Song (2:47)
2. Eddie Spencer - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) (2:49)
3. Jo-Jo And The Fugitives - Chips - Chicken - Banana Split (2:22)
4. Jackie Mittoo - Grand Funk (2:58)
5. Lloyd Delpratt - Together (2:33)
6. Cougars - I Wish It Would Rain (4:35)
7. Johnny Osbourne - African Wake (2:42)
8. Ram - Love Is The Answer (2:40)
9. Bob And Wisdom - I Believe In Music (4:42)
10. Sheiks, The - Eternal Love (3:07)
11. Wayne McGhie And Sounds Of Joy, The - Fire (She Need Water) (3:37)
12. Cougars - Right On (2:50)
13. Eddie Spencer - You're So Good To Me Baby (2:38)
14. Hitch-Hikers, The - Mr. Fortune (2:45) Vocals - Mighty Pope, The
15. Noel Ellis - Memories (6:59)
16. Wayne McGhie - Here We Go Again (3:05)


LekkS said...

Remember this one was posted here before. Cannot remember whether its hot or just pleasant though...

Hatch said...

Thanks for this DrOk, looks like some good stuff, loving the cover too. Cheers.

What It Is said...

is this anything like that studio 1 r&b comp?

DROK said...

ehh, naw not really , this album has it's highs and lows , like most comps, but it's still one that could grow on you.

ejunkie said...

I wish it would rain is a classic, at least in my book.

DJ Rage said...

I'll have to check this out...props on this!

Styles said...

Thannks Doc. Good reggae sh!t is always appreciated. I'll have some over at my spot in a couple of weeks, but I got some other things lined up first.


Mike Evans of Deep Rooted Productions said...

thanks doc! this is my type of stuff!

alex said...

hey drok!
many thanks for this man-good cool

silentsprings said...

thanks doc!

would you consider trading links with me? thanks


jonathan.sandler said...


Sasha said...

kool breaks on this one...thx drok!!!