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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shorty Long - Here Comes the Judge

01. here comes the judge
02. night fo' last (instrumental)
03. function at the junction
04. don't mess with my weekend
05. ain't no justice
06. devil with a blue dress
07. night fo' last (vocal)
08. stranded in the jungle
09. here comes fat albert
10. sing what you wanna
11. another hurt like this
12. people sure act funny


Sasha said...

yo doc...thx for the shorty long joint!!!

ChrisMaestro said...

Ooooh Weeeee! I'm loving this one. Thanks, Dr! I've been out of the loop. Glad to be back. Peace...

CBloom said...

pretty much everything chris just said with an extra thanks.

a-one said...

haha what kind of music is this? im gonna hafta grab this later

Mad said...

damn...never heard of him. I hope he is dope. Thanks a lot drok!

Rick said...


Thanks for this DrOk!!! I appreciate it.


FunkyMongoose said...

seriously though, that dude does look super short right? haha, thanks doc.

alex said...

hey drok,
a superb album from the late great shorty long!
many thanks again!

Matt said...

never heard of this one but i will definitely check it out! thanks doc!

The Gosub Routine said...

nice one dr!

(another one to listen to..)



slsmithsr said...

The late Shorty Long!!!!
Damn Doc..you reached back and got one here. Dude had some funny stuff coming up. I always liked "Function at th Junction".
Hey Doc!!
"Stop eating that fudge!"

FunkyEarWax said...

Man I haven't heard 'Here Comes The Judge' in ages. Thanks DrOk!

catacaldos said...

Thanks for this gem.I love it.Great work again.

Jussumman said...

Please,re-up)link is dead!