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Sunday, August 24, 2008

1Genesis (0:58)
2E.M.B.R.A.C.E. (4:15)
3Changes (4:12)
4It Only Gets Better (4:00)
5Interlude (0:13)
6Brainchild (3:48)
7Ghetto Fuh Life (4:25)
8Right Tonight (4:10)
9Judas (0:45)
10Pushin' (5:10)
11Migratenation (4:20)
12Sonja Marie (1:17)
13Wind (3:58)
14Blac Mermaid (4:14)
15Peaches N 'Erb (3:51)
16No Hard Feelings (0:46)
requested by Nic, C/O Brother Arkane One over at 4BB_blogspot


nic said...

DOC!!! i've seriously looked all over the WWW, ever since i first heard of this album a few weeks ago. I've asked friends, checked all the record stores around...nada.


I only hope it lives up to my expectations. I can only imagine...Big Rube on the whole album...man, I can't wait.


nic said...

Well, i'm finishing up my first listen...man, thanks again! It's not exactly what I expected, but I'm NOT disappointed!

The beats are saucy! The whole atmosphere is smooth...Big Rube comes strong, and the whole feeling fits in real well with those first few Dungeon Family productions - that classic ATL neo-funk shit...man, it's great.

THANK YOU doesn't say enough...

Doctor Okeh said...

thank Brother Arkane over at 4Brothers Beats, he's a big DF fan, so am I but I had never heard of this myself til you mentioned it, but I know Arkane would come through, gotta remember those coversations ya know..., none the less , your welcome and enjoy , bro!

Anonymous said...

I had this on tape (yes, tape) back in the day! This is definitely a classic that lots of folks slept on. "E.M.B.R.A.C.E." is NICE.

Styles said...

Yeah I had this on tape back in the day also. Matter of fact I still got the cassette. Very good listen indeed.

Craig Belcher said...

Thanks for this. My vinyl was dusty and scuffy.

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alley al said...

yo nic you ain't look hard enuff.
biffhop had this in april '07.


alley al said...

just checked and my rs link is still working.
the ss link is dead.

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spartinXD said...

This is cool!!!


grubby said...

Good stuff. Not many know about this SOS. I still have the CD! Unknown Classic!

slw7920 said...

This is that piff.

SolTru said...

Good lookin' my dude!! This is that ish right there!!!

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