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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Various Vol 8

1. Aint No Other Way / Hermit Hitson
2. Baby Don't Cry / Third Guitar
3. Do The Bobby Dunn / Bobby Dunn
4. Popcorn Baby / Freddy Henchi
5. Check Your Battery / Johnny Talbot
6. Baby I've Got It / The Fabulous Souls
7. You Lost Your Thing / Hank Johnson
8. Sagittarius / Landlord And Tennants
9. Ain't That Fun / Tyrone Harris
10. Movin And Groovin / The Volcanos
11. The Lady / The Superiors Band
12. The Funky Donkey / The Illusions
13. Groove Penguin / Excell Wonsley
14. Geraldine Jones / Soul Encyclopedia
15. Get Off Your Butt / Debbie Hines
16. Jungle / The Young Senators


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We like these timeless & hard to find Funky Jams or should I say Gems.. a whole lot!!!


Soul Diggs said...

thanks drok i tip my cap

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What more can I say that hasn't already been said? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Best, Kevin

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thanks again doc!

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Thanks again for this treat!

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thanks a lot! searchin this for years

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Funky Stuff Here Bro

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Thanks Doc. Looking forward to more.

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Thanks for volume 8...