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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Various Vol 5

1. 2:20 STEVE COLT / Dynamite
2. 2:51 SOUL TORNADOS / Crazy Legs
3. 1:53 MEMPHIANS / Breakdown
4. 2:32 CAL GREEN / Revolution Rap (part 1)
5. 2:33 XPLOSIONS / Wait A Minute
6. 2:21 SMOKEY JOHNSON & COMPANY / The Funky Moon
7. 2:21 SOUL COMBINATION / Soul Combination
8. 3:08 E. GAUNICHAUX & THE SKEPTICS / Afro Bush
10. 2:45 DARNELL SIMPKINS & THE FAMILY TREE / The Whip (part 1)
11. 2:44 CHARLES MINTZ / Give A Man A Break
12. 3:46 ZEKE STRONG & THE LADYETTES / I Laugh & Talk (But I Don't Play)
13. 3:10 DIETY / The Kuri Kuri
14. 3:13 JIMMY BEE / Hot Pants
15. 2:59 REVOLUTION FUNK / Bear Funk
16. 2:42 CONTRIBUTORS OF SOUL / Do The Yum Yum Man
17. 2:36 DARNELL SIMPKINS & FAMILY TREE / The Whip (part 2)
18. 3:27 ZEKE STRONG & THE LADYETTES / I Laugh & Talk (But I Don't Play)
19. 3:04 CAL GREEN / Revolution Rap (part 2)


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Thank you very much for these joyous compilations!!!

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nice.lemme hear this.thanks!my girls at work so i can turn the volume up.

Soul Diggs said...

thanks drok i love these comps keep up the good work

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Thanks for this truly def comps!

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Whew! I'm out of breath. Just can't handle the funk overload. Keep the funk flowin'

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nice deep funk compi.

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Thanx man. It, great!

Luís said...

This is a GREAT blog!! I've seen some of your other posting areas and they are always great :D These compilations are really awesome and hard to get. I only managed to find volumes I, II and III. I saw the same links for volume IV in other places but the files are already gone... This in the only place where I can find the complete set from volume V to X!! So Thank you again :D

Kind Regards,