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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Various Vol 4...Up Next!

The Sound of Funk Volume 4
1. 2:30 The Funky Buzzard - Little Oscar
2. 2:39 Fun In Your Thang (Part 1) - Bootsey Phelps And The Complete Strangers
3. 3:02 The Funky Fat Man - Burnett Bynum & The Soul Invaders
4. 2:01 Keep On Brother Keep On - The Fat Back Band Featuring Johnny King
5. 4:11 Crumbs For The Table - The Young Disciples & Co
6. 2:23 The Moon Walk - King Solomon
7. 2:13 Bumping - Tyrone Chestnut
8. 2:43 Open Up Your Heart - The Raw Soul With Frankie Beverly
9. 1:58 Get Some - Wee Willie & The Winners
10. 2:38 (Ride On) Iron Horse - The Marlboro Men
11. 2:16 Funky Funk - Big Al & The Star Treks
12. 3:02 Funky Moon Meditation - The Moonlighters
13. 2:41 Wait A Minute - The Xplosions
14. 3:05 Do The Funky Donkey - Otis Turner & The Mighty Kingpins
15. 2:36 Funky Line Part 1 - The Fabulous Shalimars
16. 3:09 Hold Tight - Bobby McNutt
17. 2:58 Funky Hump - Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers
18. 3:44 Be Black Baby - Grady Tate
19. 2:55 Can You Dig IT - Chico & Buddy


Lasonic TRC-931 said...


invisiblenigma said...

Killin it doc

flageolette said...
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flageolette said...

Aaah man,thanks a lot

Another 48 Carat post!!!

Wayne World said...

Very nice drop DrOk!! You are da MAN!!

Funkback said...

This was the one missin' in my collection! Much apprecciated, Thanx DrOk!! And I whish that to be contacted on hebf@hotmail.com so I can give You my proper e-mail adress for an invitation to this fabulous blog.

ChrisMaestro said...

Good looking out, DrOk. Have a great day!!!

apani said...

Thank you again Doc. For some reason I can't DL part1. Mediafire is bugging out.

Priest said...

still diggin. Good looks

Евгений said...

password please!!!((((

sexy said...



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nishida said...
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nishida said...

pt1 link seems to be unavailable.

Anonymous said...


sweetbeats said...

Hi hope all os well,cool blog!
I have all the sound of funks on cd and volume 1 on record just think I am missing volume 10 any chance of a password please?
Many thanks Jason

Christofari said...

I've been suckin' up these nuggets like a starvin' hawg. Talk about the muthalode!

But DOC - what's happened to TSOF4 pt. 1????? And I'm hurtin' fer it SO bad!!!!!

Thanks again for this epic uppage.

Luís said...

Yes Part 1 doesnt work....:(((((((

DJ Kool JB said...

v4pt1 is missing :(

Mr.Tim the PuckMonk said...

Yes Yes Awesome set of Funky Grooves. Anyone out there have Vol.4 Pt.1 please share it with us. We "ain't to proud to beg"

Anonymous said...

PLease please reup pt1

steve said...

Awesome post! Please can you re-up Vol. 4 Part 1. Many thanks.

Winebibber said...


DJ Kool JB said...

Good lookin out Winebibber, thanks a lot

Winebibber said...

no worries, i know it's the only valid link out there, hopefully headz be reuppin'!

Mr.Tim the PuckMonk said...

Oh SWEET Winebibber! I stumbled upon part two in my back up files today and though "Hey I wonder if this ever got re-upped" Thanks.

Christofari said...




Thanks so much for re-upping. My undying thanks.