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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salt N' Pepa

1Push It (Remix) (4:26)
2Beauty And The Beat (4:39)
Drums - Chris Parker
3Tramp (Remix) (3:30)
4I'll Take Your Man (5:04)
5It's All Right (4:11)
6Chick On The Side (Remix) (4:54)
7I Desire (3:56)
Producer - Stephen Keitt Vocals - Delores Drewy , Kelly Charles
8The Showstopper (5:01)
9My Mike Sounds Nice (4:06)


Doctor Okeh said...



geo said...

nice, someone stole this tape off of me at my elementary school grad party!!! psyched!

bowlisha1 said...

A classic. Thanks Doc!

Terrence said...


rolandprincefan said...

Classic - 1st ladies of hip hop. Don't remember push it being on this though. 'My Mic Sounds Nice' was the joint. They performed it on The Tube, an old British music show filmed in the north of England - both of them stood on a tiny podium in the middle of a crowd of disinterested students - funny as hell but a landmark moment in hip hop :)

Anonymous said...


spartinXD said...

This is cool!!!