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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catch A Fire

1Concrete Jungle
2Slave Driver
3400 Years
4Stop That Train
5Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
6Stir It Up
7Kinky Reggae
8No More Trouble
9Midnight Ravers


Doctor Okeh said...



Mike Evans of Deep Rooted Productions said...

thanx doc! i was missing this one out of my collection!

apani said...

Thank you Doc!

Krisch said...


Craig said...

what a great effen record!!!! ~ allcirca

Anonymous said...

Great post, one of my favorites! Also, the cover is dope (no pun intended). Thanx!

Robert said...

thanks dr for this!!

Lion said...

One Love! Thanks doc!

disko T said...

nice album.Thanks Doc

QuietStorm said...


Bigmyke said...

Ohhh Noooo Not BOB!!!