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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jimmy Reed

First issued by VeeJay in 1959, this Charly reissue of Jimmy Reed's "Found Love" features four bonus tracks, and some of Reed's best and most popular songs.
It opens with a true classic, the inexplicably titled "Baby What You Want Me To Do", one of the very few 50s and 60s blues singles which managed to crack the pop charts.Inexplicably titled? Well, yeah, Jimmy Reed actually never once utters the line "Baby what you want me to do", and on one available recording he and his wife can be heard bickering with the studio engineer about the title.He actually sings:
You got me runnin', got me hidin',Got me run, hide, hide, runAnyway you wanna let it rollYeah, yeah, yeahYou got me doin' what you want meBaby why you wanna let go?
Anyway, "Big Boss Man" is also here, with backing vocals from Mary Lee ("Mama") Reed, and so is the primitive but groovy "Hush Hush", which features the great Eddie Taylor on lead guitar.Jimmy Reed does a fine rendition of soul singer Clarence Carter's "I Ain't Got You", and manages to sound genuinely menacing on "I'm Gonna Ruin You", and other highlights include the lively "The Sun Is Shining" (not the Elmore James-song), the title track, and the slightly spiritual-flavoured "Going To The River".
Great blues.

1. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
2. Found Love
3. Meet Me
4. I Was So Wrong
5. Going by the River, Pt. 2
6. Big Boss Man
7. Hush Hush
8. Where Can You Be
9. I'm Nervous
10. Going by the River, Pt. 1
11. I Ain't Got You
12. Come Love


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Under Ground Shelter said...

Direct1122 -

Thanks Drok!!! cant wait to peep this. Do you have any real old sad blues? Holla


92bpms said...

AHH hell yeah... Big Boss Man! Love seeing blues pop up here. How about a little Elmore James sometime???!!!!

jdayal said...

Cool album thnx alot Doc

joseph said...

thank u

ChrisMaestro said...

Loving this, bro!!!! Thank you!

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - Jimmy Reed is the the "Big Boss Man".

raggedy said...

Thanks for sharing. I've just started to explore the Blues ... I Think Jimmy Reed is a good start.
Thanks again for sharing.

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