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Friday, March 28, 2008


Editorial Reviews
Eddie Hinton, dubbed in his prime "the white Otis Redding," and for good reason: He may not have possessed the power of the King of Soul, but his frayed vocals were rife with a fervor that owed everything to Otis. Listen to the one-two punch of "Shout Bamalama" and "Get Off in It" for a sense of Hinton's expressive range. On the former, Hinton sounds like a southern frat boy with a hot foot--and that's a compliment. "Get Off in It" is a shimmering ballad in which the Dixie eccentric waxes. In his time, Hinton was considered one of the best of the white soul singers. Very Extremely Dangerous makes the case for dropping the racial qualifier. Released in 1978 when many of the towering figures Hinton backed as a session player were in retreat, it now stands as one of the last great classic soul records. --Steven Stolder (amazon)
1. You Got Me Singing
2. Concept World
3. I Got The Feeling
4. Shout Bamalama
5. Get Off In It
6. Brand New Man
7. Shoot The Moon
8. We Got It
9. Yeah Man
10. I Want It All


Doctor Okeh said...



Robert said...

thanks Dr Okeh!!
I never knew Eddie Hinton...this is a great discovery!!

Burning Blue Soul said...

What a great share! Eddie Hinton and Delaney Bramlett were two KINGS at Muscle Shoals. Eddie is no longer with us, but he left behind some amazing Southern Fried funky soul. Thanks!

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Bojan said...

Damn this looks fine... thanks for posting it doc

Wayne World said...

Gotta peep this . Good looks DrOk.

Michiel said...

Thanks looking forward listening to this album, great review

Kreisler said...

Been looking for this - thanks

raggedy said...

Ever since I've heard is I Got A Feeling, I was looking for some more music of Eddie. Thanks to the Doc. I got me some now.
This guy has an amazing voice ... love it!

mrdead said...

thanks for sharing.
I had never heard of him before.

mrdead said...

thanks for sharing.
I had never heard of him before.