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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jacob Miller

1Keep On Knocking
2Knocking Version
3False Rasta
4Hungry Town Scanc
5Baby I Love You So
6King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
7Who Say Jah No Dread
8Jah Dread
9Each One Teach One
10Each One Teach One Version
11Girl Name Pat
12Girl Name Pat Version


Craig said...

nice wan doctor oh kay!!!!! ~ allcirca

jonathan.sandler said...

Man I can't believe you posted this. It truly gets no better than this. Thank you. This was the first dub I ever heard many years ago and I must say that I've never heard anything that comes close to it.

92bpms said...

Got this one on vinyl too... thanks for the rip.

Version!!! Version!!!

Raphy said...

YES I-Yah!!

raggedy said...

Hi! Just found your great blog today. I can't believe what a huge collection you've got!!!
Thanks a lot for posting and sharing.