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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enchantment Golden Classics

12 nice tracks of modern soul from the United Artists albums that Enchantment cut during the mid 70's.
Includes the LP version of their great stepper "Gloria", plus other nice ones like "Silly Love Song", "Sexy Lady", "Hold On", "Sunshine", "Angel In My Life", and "It's You That I Need".


Doctor Okeh said...


alex said...

hey doc,
now heres a blast from the past!!!
brill band i used to have a few albums way back!!
some tasty dancers on here!!

Styles said...

Thanks Doc. Sounds like good stuff.

getognome said...
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Susan said...

Good one!

SweetE811 said...

classic classic music right there.these slow cuts are the real definition of slow jams

slsmithsr said...

I truly appreciate this Doc. Much luv!

Joe said...


raggedy said...

Dammit! How come I've never heard of them before?
I love their style. Perfect background harmonies. Delightful!
Thanks a million!

MichaelKris said...

great post, do you have the password?