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Monday, February 25, 2008

Paper Thin...

A1Paper Thin (LP Version) (5:15)
A2Paper Thin (Audio Two Remix) (2:55)
Remix - Audio Two
A3Paper Thin (Alliance's Remix) (3:25)
Remix - Alliance
B1Paper Thin (Instrumental) (2:53)
B2Paper Thin (Acapella) (2:25)
B3Spare The Rod (Unavailable On LP) (4:26)
..for Big Willy


monsieurwilly said...

Big Thx ! You're the man.

Anonymous said...

This was a monster in '88! Damn Doc....had to believe there were more female rappers then than there are now....thanks Doc.

phyrephyter said...

preciate this paper thin !!!

Benjamin said...

Awesome thank you so much. No one ripped it quite like Lyte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3rQ635y4F2I

apani said...

Good looking man! Was looking for this!

David said...

SMOOTH ! Old school is true school
extra thanx Doc