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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Next One Hundred Years....

A1Jeremiah Pucket (4:42)
A2Land Of Our Father (5:15)
Written By - J. Matthews
A3Either Or (5:44)
A4Another Episode (In The Continuing Story Of Zeke And The Man) (5:44)
B1Beautiful Things (12:07)
B2East St. Louis Blues (4:20)


CBloom said...

right on, looking forward to hearing this one. thanks.

jonathan.sandler said...

I have this already and I'm fairly certain that I got it from this blog a while a ago. Anyway, it's fantastic, so thanks for turning me onto it.

alex said...

hey doc!!!
been looking for this baby for bloody years man!!

Jazzsoulman said...

Hadn't b een here for quite a while. But I'm sure i grabbed this one a while ago certainly from your blog. It's a damn good piede of music. Thank you Doc for sharing this gem.

phyrephyter said...

thnx for this !!!! never heard of this !!

wackscoobysnacks said...

this looks pretty cool...i'll definitely check it out. thanks for the post doc!

Superbizzee said...

I got this from a co-worker of mine a while back and was blown away. When I heard that they had remastered and reissued it on CD, I had to go out and cop. This album is such a sleeper! Definitely worth its weight in gold.

cartier said...

Thanks for answering my request.. thank you
Your still putting in work... thanks for the Rips

catacaldos said...

thanx for this , never heard of this but i'm sure i'll like it.