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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lamont Dozier

You Oughta Be In Pictures
Ain't Never Had It So Good
I Ain't Playing
I See You
The Pressure Is On
Shout About It
Locked Into You
Ain't No Way
Help Is On The Way
(ripped from my vinyl collection)


Soul Diggs said...

thats a sweet smoking blunts jacket where can i get one of those thats fire

Styles said...

Thanks Doc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Doc....haven't heard it before, but know it's gonna be good!

invisiblenigma said...

Thanks Doc. Looks like a classic.

alex said...

hey doc,
many thanks for this great album man!
got anything else by the genius???

Cee said...

gotta love tha DOZ...i wish i had a boat like that.

catacaldos said...

Wow,i've been looking this for years.Thank you,your blog is making me crazy,i can't believe that you share this incredible stuff.

jcmoss33 said...

Thanks for this Lamont Dozier piece.