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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Jackson Sisters

A1 Where Your Love Is Gone
A2 Maybe
A3 Why Do Fools Fall In Love
A4 Day In The Blue
A5 Rockin' On My Porch
B1 Boy You're Dynamite
B2 Rock Steady
B3 Miracles
B4 (Why Can't We Be) More Than Just Friends
B5 Shake Her Loose


nic said...

Hey Doc!!! Good to see all these new posts! Thanks for this!!!

Wayne World said...

Thank U for this DrOk!!!

This album was before Reebe did Centepede....before Janet got with JD!! LOL!!!! I'm still heated about that shit!!!:(

Rick said...

Direct1122 -

never heard this thanks Drok!!!!

DJ Bite said...

Wow, I only know (and have) the Miracles song, I'm really excited.

wackscoobysnacks said...

same here..i'm pretty hyped to hear this one! thanks again doc!

winton tostello said...

big thanks man!!and deep respect, of course!

FuNkaDeLiC said...

Never heard of this one...im gettin Xcited to dive right in tho. Thanx 4 da share

Bigmyke said...

Good Lord!!! Miracles is bangin