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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

General Crook

01 - tell me what'cha gonna do
02 - reality
03 - fever in the funkhouse
04 - the best years of my life
05 - lying cheatin' woman
06 - i'm satisfied
07 - thanks but no thanks
08 - if this world were mine


cosmo said...

i already got this LP doc. great album!

jdayal74 said...

Good LP Doc, Ur coming back with a Vengeance

jdayal74 said...

Doc, Had 2 leave a followup, U actually impressed my country music (yuk) listening girl. It looked like it would lean towards funk by the cover, but this LP is PURE soul! Awesome record.

nic said...

you're seriously impacting my life homie.
i didn't know about this beyond fever in the funkhouse. this is top notch and, i should add, it's hilarious at some points...thanks again man!
i didn't care too much for the chuck jackson record, so i won't soil the comment box on that one, but yo, that's only like the 2nd grab i've ever gotten from you that i wasn't feelin at least 100%. glad to be here Doc!

ejunkie said...

Thanks doc, I'm looking forward to giving this one a spin. I haven't been around for awhile so this will be my first dl in a couple! Looks like it'll be sweet!

ejunkie said...

oh yeah, this is nice easy movin' soul. thanks again.

Matt said...

man that's one crazy album cover. i'm gonna check this one out for sure...thanks again doc!

FunkyMongoose said...

haha, hilarious cover!

mmbk324 said...

Damn! I missed this one. Could somebody re-up, please? Thanx in advance.

Doctor Okeh said...



richsoul said...

I would like to get the password. I tried LUCY but it didn't allow me. Please help.

sgrilla said...

Could I please have the password?