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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brother Ali


nic said...

man...i've seen Ali a couple times now, but just last weekend i saw him in Portland w/ the hip hop live tour - a 10 piece band w/ 3 sets - Ali, Ghostface & Rakim...it was one of those thank god i'm alive shows...i'm sayin' if yall haven't seen him, do it.

DROK said...

unfortunatly there were here last night as well, but they switched venues at the last minute, plus i had no divis so, but ive kicked it with Ali a few times , cool ass dude, best live preformance, he was also on conan o'brien last week with a Kc local act (Mint Condition) backing him up with the band, and i know i'll be kicking myself in the ass foever for missing the show , but my daughter's b-day comes first.