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Saturday, December 30, 2006


O.K. ,I'm gonna be hooked on this now, I love to share music with people, and only have afew friends left who gladly except the treasures I find.
So this is nice for others who don't know me to get some salt n' pepa and paprika on their face.
Born to the mid-seventies who knew the revolution that was about to unfold.
While Ma Dukes (R.I.P. "Crystal A Burton") had been hittin me over the head with the likes of "Al Green", "Isaac Hayes" and countless others this lower classed white kid came prepared.
I felt it in my bones, what are you gonna do?
Music has been my whole life, don't too much bother with anything else.
And Hip-Hop is my gig.
Throw on some suade Pumas, get 20 "D" Batteries (Not Included), THE BIGGEST BOOM BOX you can dig up, and keep it OLD SCHOOL!
(This Music is not intended for promotional purposes, from one friend to another. If you like the Artists go out and purchase, originals are better anyways.!!!)


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The Gosub Routine said...

i know what you mean. Some albums are available from amazon (for instance!) cheaper than what they were when they were originally releaesd.
if I find this, then I usually get the album from somewhere like there (as I prefer originals).
I think blogs work best when certain releases are so hard 2 find (and if you do see them on e-bay, 4 instance, they are usually priced unfairly and extortionately.